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An innovative company of Fresh People, Salix Foods markets its products complying with all quality standards that clients and consumers demand. 

At Salix Foods, we simplify the sourcing of non-perishable foods by leveraging our deep industry knowledge and strict adherence to quality, food safety, and consistency.

Our goal is to create a worldwide network of reliable businesses and professionals, fostering a healthy ecosystem that promotes international trade and efficient collaboration among companies.

We handle all supplier travel and auditing, freeing our customers from the hassle and ensuring all products we offer meet necessary specifications and certifications.

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Olive types can vary depending on factors such as the variety, the processing method, and any additional flavorings or seasonings that might be added during packaging.

Olives are available in various presentations; each offering different flavors and uses. Common olive presentations refer to various ways olives can be prepared and served. Olives are a versatile ingredient, and they can be enjoyed in different forms. Here are some common olive presentations: Whole Olives, Pitted Olives, Sliced Olives and/or Olive Paste Tapenade.

Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is produced by mechanically pressing olives without the use of high heat or chemicals. This gentle extraction process helps retain the oil's natural flavors, aromas, and beneficial compounds. Oil variations can occur based on factors such as the olive variety, region, and specific production methods used by different producers.

Salix Foods ensure the best quality, looking for extra virgin olive oils that are certified by reputable organizations and carry indications of their olive variety and origin.


The processed tomato industry is extensive, and different processing techniques are used to create a wide range of products that are used in countless recipes worldwide.

Tomatoes are a versatile fruit that comes in various retail presentations, each tailored to different consumer preferences and culinary needs.

Some common retail presentations of tomatoes include:
Canned: Paste, Sauce, Juice, Puree.


A spicy and colorful fruit with vitamin A, vitamin C, capsaicin, and flavonoids.

Peppers are a versatile vegetable that comes in various retail presentations, catering to different culinary preferences and cooking needs. Some common retail presentations of peppers include: Dried Peppers, Canned Peppers, and Pickled Peppers: Pickled peppers, like pickled jalapeños or pepperoncini, Roasted Peppers, Pepper Puree, or Paste.

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We prioritize trust, capability, and reliability among all parties involved, including business entities, industry experts, community members, and our employees. By nurturing such a dynamic environment, we enable secure and dependable business transactions to flourish.

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